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Terms of Service

Leslie Jee Textiles (LJT) Terms of Service General Terms of Sale

All orders are accepted subject to prior sale and subject to our sales and credit terms and conditions only, and not to the terms and conditions appearing on customer’s purchase order or contract. Customer’s agreement with our terms and conditions shall be conclusively evidenced by customer’s acceptance of any shipment.

Order Confirmation

Orders from customers do not become binding until a confirmation of order has been issued by the supplier. Any and all amendments must be made in writing.


Unless otherwise specified, delivery will be made FOB Local Warehouse and title and risk of loss shall pass to customer at such point that customer’s specified carrier takes possession of the goods. Carrier will be based on verbal or written agreement between LJT and customer.

Delay in Shipment
LJT will attempt to ship material within specified time, but this is not expressly guaranteed. LJT will not be liable for any delay in the delivery or shipment of goods for any cause or causes beyond our control.

Invoices and Payment

Invoices will be issued as of the date of the shipment. Established accounts are invoiced Net 30 unless otherwise stated, according to their credit standing and limit.

Invoices are payable in USD.

If Credit is approved, terms of payment are 30 days, unless a discount for prompt payment applies. Customers shall be made aware of their account terms prior to any order shipment.

Price Changes
Prices are subject to change with notice.

Payment Methods
Payment of open invoices can be made by drafted paper check, cashier’s check, ACH, wire transfer or credit card.

Payments for FOB shipments must be issued by ACH or wire transfer. LJT does not accept credit card payments over $50,000. All credit card  payments are subject to a 4.5% service fee.

Order Cancellation

The purpose of this document is to describe the conditions and fees applicable to order cancellations.

The intent of this policy is to recover all reasonable costs associated with customers cancelling orders. This policy is not intended to contradict
any local or national laws or regulations that might stipulate customers’ rights to cancel orders. If local or national laws prescribe conditions under
which customers are entitled to the legal cancellation of orders without financial penalty, those local or national laws shall prevail.


Unless otherwise specified, LJT strictly and expressly prohibits cancellation of all orders. Exceptions to this policy shall be made at the sole discretion of LJT. This Order Cancellation Policy applies when the customer cancels all or part of an order after order acceptance and acknowledgment from LJT but before shipment of goods.


Unless otherwise specified, delivery will be made FOB Local Warehouse and title and risk of loss shall pass to customer at such point that customer’s specified carrier takes possession of the goods. Carrier will be based on verbal or written agreement between LJT and customer.


MTS (Made-To-Stock) Products: MTS products are held in inventory and are sustainably stocked. Leslie Jee Textiles (LJT) maintains a list of MTS products. Any product that is not on this list is an MTO product.

MTO (Made-To-Order) Products: MTO products are only made when a customer order required the product. These include:

✓ Custom/Special Orders
✓ FOB orders
✓ Hospitality Jobs
✓ Large Quantities
✓ Cuts
✓ Drop Shipments
✓ Discontinued Items

MTS Orders: Customers have up to 48 hours (inclusive of weekends and holidays) within order date to cancel. This assumes that orders have not been cut (when applicable), are not packed and are not staged for shipment. Cancellations after shipment will be treated as a return subject to all applicable fees and policies. Refer to the Product Return Policies & Procedures for more details. Order cancellations for MTS Products where the order has been released or submitted to the Vendor are permitted only if LJT obtains Vendor approval for cancellation. If the Vendor will not approve cancellation and the quantity ordered is above normal LJT stocking levels, the order is not cancellable. Deposits may be required for certain orders at the discretion of LJT.

MTO / FOB Orders: Customers have up to 72 hours (inclusive of weekends and holidays) to cancel. Cancellation of FOB / MTO orders after this period are expressly prohibited but shall remain at LJT’s sole discretion. Order cancellation for MTO products received before LJT submits the order to the Vendor may be considered for cancellation without penalty. Order cancellations for MTO Products where the order has been released or submitted to the Vendor may be permitted only if LJT obtains Vendor approval for cancellation. If the Vendor will not approve cancellation, the Order is not cancellable and will be shipped. Deposits may be required for certain orders at the discretion of LJT.

Orders, once acknowledged by LJT, may not be canceled without express written authorization by LJT. If and when authorized, the following cancellation fees will apply:

Product Type
Agreement Reached
(Order placed by customer; accepted and acknowledged by LJT)
All ProductsBeforeNone
MTS ProductsAfter20%
MTO ProductsAfter100%

Orders which are Refused at Delivery may be assessed an order cancellation fee, a re-stocking fee and/or other applicable fees.

Product Return Policies, Procedures, and LJT Limited Warranty

The purpose of this document is to describe the policies and procedures for the return of saleable products by customers to LJT. Any exceptions to the policies and procedures described herein require prior approval from LJT.


MTS (Made-To-Stock) Products: MTS products are held in inventory.
MTO (Made-To-Order) Products: MTO products are only made when a customer order requires the product.


Returns – product returns will be considered for return only if they meet the following conditions:

a) Only products that shipped from LJT within the last 45 days will be considered for return.
b) Only MTS products in saleable condition will be considered for return and credit.

i. Saleable condition is defined as meeting the same standards as newly manufactured/sourced products and must be in the original packaging. LJT reserves the right to determine the salability of a product.
ii. Return of MTS products over the threshold quantity as detailed on the MTS list must be approved by LJT.

c) Any products that have been discontinued or made obsolete will not be considered for a return.
d) Any products which have been processed (including after-market finishes) will not be considered for return.
e) Any orders which were cut will not be considered for return.
f) Any orders which have been cut by the customer will not be considered for return.
g) Any orders which were drop shipments will not be considered for return.
h) Products that were specially configured for the customer (MTO products) will not be considered for return unless the return is due to an error made by LJT.

i. A list of all MTS Products is available from Customer Service. Any other product is an MTO product and therefore can only be returned due to LJT error.

Refund requests must be made within 45 days of shipment date. After 45 days from shipment date, customer must contact Leslie Jee Textiles Customer Service to determine the best course of action. LJT will not issue refunds for products purchased through other entities., such as distributors or retail partners.

Goods must be in like-new condition and returned in original packaging.

Limited Warranty

Leslie Jee Textiles (LJT) products are warrantied against defects for a period of one (1) year from date of invoice for normal use. The warranty is not valid where there is evidence of improper use, chemical treatment, improper cleaning, soiling, pet damage, or post-purchase finishes. Note that certain clothing dyes, such as ones used for denim jeans, may cause color transfer onto upholstery fabrics. LJT does not assume responsibility for dye transfer. In the unlikely event that our fabrics do not perform satisfactorily under normal conditions, using appropriate cleaners and methods, LJT will replace the fabric at no cost to the original owner. Under the terms of this warranty, LJT retains the option to provide replacement yardage at its discretion.

Defective goods are covered under LJT’s one-year limited warranty policy and will be replaced at LJT’s cost. This limited warranty does not cover tears, flattening of nap, pilling, fading, or shrinking and is not valid when heavy soiling, misuse or abuse is evident. This limited warranty also does not cover protective finishes, velvets, and velvet types, since by their nature, these fabrics are of soft texture and will crush, shade and mark more readily than most fabrics; these characteristics are in no way to be considered a defect.

Leslie Jee Textiles Sol Vida Indoor/Outdoor products are warrantied for a period of three (3) years from the date of invoice. This warranty exclusively covers the anomalous and excessive degradation of color due to normal sun exposure, salt water, and other general weather conditions. Some pigments can vary in saturation over time (while still maintaining the same chromatic tone) due to weather and pollution, but this will not affect the chemical, physical, and technical character of the yarn or fabric. This warranty does not cover damage caused by force majeure, fire, storms, animal excrement, pollution, mechanical action, strong winds, malicious damage or destruction, nor inappropriate use. This warranty covers the cost of fabric replacement only.

LJT does not assume responsibility for labor and/or freight costs.
All warranty claims must meet the following criteria:

1) The customer must submit casing/evidence to LJT’s corporate office.
2) The customer must provide the following details for any claim to be considered:

a. PO number
b. Item description
c. Piece details
d. Quantity consumed
e. Length of time in the field

LJT QC will thoroughly investigate all evidence submitted. Following this investigation, LJT will advise customer of its findings.

Pilling claims will not be honored, with few exceptions.

A return authorization (RA) number must be obtained prior to returning any product. To request an RA number, please contact LJT Customer Service and provide the following information:

Reason for Return
Date of Purchase
Purchase Order Number
Date of Invoice
Invoice Number

Products returned without an RA number and the required documentation as specified above may not be accepted or processed for return.

Products received that do not meet the above return criteria may be returned to the customer, at the customer’s expense, via ground shipment.

The customer will be responsible for shipping costs associated with returning the product to Leslie Jee Textiles’ warehouse. Product should be shipped so that it can be tracked and/or insured. LJT is not responsible for products lost or damaged during return shipment.

Returns are subject to a restocking fee. See below schedule for restocking fees. Shipping charges are nonrefundable.

Product Type
 All Products The greater of 25% of Net Sale Amount or $35 per roll

Funds will be credited within 5 business days of receipt of returned product pending qualification and subject to above criteria.

If the customer received the wrong item, LJT will collect the item free of charge. LJT will also cover the cost of shipping of the replacement item.

Dye Lots

LJT will not accept returns or claims on dye lot variances within 10% of the original standard. All claims or return requests on color will be examined under proper lighting conditions and methods to determine the result. Any claims or return requests arising from dye lot issues must be submitted to LJT HQ with a reasonably sized cutting (no photos will be accepted as evidence) and the following information:

Reason for Return
Date of Purchase
Purchase Order Number
Date of Invoice
Invoice Number

Damaged Items

When customers receive their order(s), they must inspect the carton for any damage that may have occurred during shipment. It is normal for the shipping carton to show some wear, however, if damage occurred to the item(s) in the shipment, they must notify LJT immediately at [email protected]. They must provide the order number along with their email address and phone number for fastest service. To assure prompt resolution, customers are encouraged to retain the shipping box, packing materials and the damaged items for inspection by the carrier.

Return of Product from LJT Shipping Error
For products that are returned as a result of an error made by LJT (i.e., incorrect part number, incorrect quantity, incorrect product, or duplicate shipment), the following applies:

a) No restocking charge will be imposed
b) No transportation charges will be imposed
c) 100% credit will be issued if LJT is notified within 7 days after receipt of the product at the place of delivery

Products Lost/Damaged While In Transit
The liability for loss or damage to products during transportation is dependent on the “Inco Terms” that applied to the shipment. With the stipulation of IncoTerms, the place of delivery is defined where ownership of and responsibility for the product shifts from LJT to the customer. All orders from LJT’s warehouse location ship IncoTerms FOB (WAREHOUSE LOCATION). All FOB orders ship with INCOTERMS FOB (PORT OF SHIPMENT). Depending on where and when the products were damaged related to the agreed IncoTerms, the customer or LJT will be responsible for the following:

a) In cases where loss or damage to the product(s) took place under LJT’s responsibility:

i. Customer must inform LJT Customer Service of loss within 14 days of invoice date, or damaged product(s) within 7 days after receipt of the product.
ii. LJT will credit the damaged product(s) or replace the damaged product(s) free of charge.

b) In cases where loss/damage to the product(s) took place under the customer’s responsibility:

i. The customer must file a claim with the carrier that transported the product(s). In certain circumstances, or at the customer’s request, LJT Customer Service will aid in that process.
ii. A new order with LJT to replace the damaged product(s) may be placed.
iii. Customer retains payment responsibility for damaged products while in the claims process with the carrier.
iv. LJT strongly recommends insuring all shipments. If the customer specifically requests that orders ship uninsured, then LJT assumes no liability for the damaged shipment.

Testing and Quality

Industry Standard Tests

LJT tests every pattern for the following tests using an industry-approved standard of LJT’s choosing: abrasion, seam slippage, wet and dry crocking, flame tests (CAL TB-117, UFAC/NFPA 260), and pilling. Any alternative test method or additional tests required by the customer will be at the customer’s own financial and operational responsibility. LJT does not assume responsibility for results of additional tests conducted by the customer.

Prop 65 Compliance – Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986

Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide warnings to Californians about significant exposures to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. These chemicals can be in the products that Californians purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment. Proposition 65 also prohibits California businesses from knowingly discharging significant amounts of listed chemicals into sources of drinking water. By requiring that this information be provided, Proposition 65 enables Californians to make informed decisions about their exposures to these chemicals.

We attest that we have written assurances from all of our suppliers that none of the fabrics we offer contain any of the banned substances according to California Prop 65. Furthermore, we have conducted random testing to ensure continued compliance that no chemicals listed under Prop 65 are present that exceed Safe Harbor Levels as defined by California Prop 65.

Textile Treatments Containing Perfluoroalkyl or Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

State of California

  • Assembly Bill No. 1817 (AB 1817)

    o An act to add Chapter 13.5 (commencing with Section 108970) to Part 3 of Division 104 of the Health and Safety
    Code, relating to public health.

    On September 29, 2022, the California Governor signed into law two bills banning perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in textiles and cosmetics. Assembly Bill No. 1817 prohibits the manufacture, distribution, or sale within the state of any new textile articles containing regulated PFAS beginning January 1, 2025. All LJT fabrics treated with a stain resistant finish will transition to our C-Oh! carbon-free finish in accordance with AB 1817. We will continue to fulfill orders from our current stock on hand until the transition

Flammability Compliance


  • Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021
  • Title XXI – Covid 19 Regulatory Relief and Work from Home Safety Act
  • Safer Occupancy Furniture Flammability Act (SOFFA)
  • California Technical Bulletin 117-2013

The Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021 was passed by Congress and signed by the President on December 27, 2020. Under this act is the Title XXI – COVID-19 Regulatory Relief and Work from Home Safety Act (section 2101), which mandates all residential and contract upholstered seating furniture imported or sold in the United States must comply with the flammability test specified by California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 (Cal TB 117-2013), effective June 25, 2021.

This mandates nationwide compliance with California’s flammability standard for indoor upholstered furniture and incorporates provisions previously proposed in the Safer Occupancy Furniture Flammability Act (SOFFA), a bill widely supported by the furniture industry.

The California TB 117-2013 performance standard provides test methods for smolder resistance of cover fabrics, barrier materials and resilient filling materials for use in upholstered furniture. It is a designated consumer product safety standard under the federal Flammable Fabrics Act, subject to administration and enforcement by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

All Leslie Jee Textiles products are tested and pass Cal TB 117-2013. All patterns also pass UFAC/NFPA 260 (cigarette burn test). No product is introduced into our line that does not pass both of these flammability tests.

State of California

  • Senate Bill 1019 (SB 1019)

On September 30, 2014, California Legislature passed Bill SB 1019 requiring labeling of upholstered furniture for the presence or absence of flame retardant. It specifies flame retardant chemicals shall not be present in any covered product or component thereof at levels above 1,000 parts per million. This includes any chemical or chemical compound whose functional use is to resist or inhibit the spread of fire.

All Leslie Jee Textiles products are free of flame retardant chemicals or chemical compounds and therefore comply with the requirements of SB 1019.