A stylized interpretation of interpersonal connections, bold patterns express a modern geometric aesthetic.


Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the outdoors, our new introducuction features performance fabrics suitable for indoor and outdoor living.


Indigo Batik
SW 7602


SW 9103

Pattern Details

Banter is punctuated by intricate detail in this mini woven texture. Solution-dyed polyester makes it easy-clean, suitable for indoors and out.


Bubbly – Stain Resistant

Bubbly is a solid pattern with ample texture. This piece-dye cloth is woven with a heavy curl boucle yarn and creates a subtle two-tone effect.


2205 Highlights Charm


Charm is an alluringly soft velvet with a delightful plush matte finish. This piece-dye fabric captivates with its saturated tones and nuanced neutrals. Charm is a 100% filament yarn warp knit velvet.

Euphoria – Stain Resistant

Euphoria is a ultra-plush, solid piece-dye texture. Its cut loops create a cozy feeling while its color palette provides a sense of comfort.


2205 Highlights Flirt

Flirt teases with its unassuming plush chenille texture.  Its soft hand is a demure guise belying its performance features.  Solution-dyed polyester makes it easy-clean, suitable indoors and out.


2205 Highlights Frolic

Frolic is a quirky modern floral-inspired design that playfully adorns this woven pillow-pattern jacquard.  Solution-dyed polyester makes it easy-clean, suitable for indoors and out.


Hush – Stain Resistant

Hush is not a pattern to keep quiet about.  Its chenille yarns and puckered woven pleat effect form an unforgettable, loosely structured texture.


A spontaneous, light-hearted jumble of mini-graphic elements are linearly arranged in this playful woven jacquard design.  Hints of chenille and textural weaves intermingle in a multi-color palette.

Inner Circle

Inner Circle draws together a close-knit set of rings in intimate grid-like fashion with inviting pops of color randomly scattered throughout.  Hints of chenille accentuate this multi-colored woven jacquard.

2205 Highlights Lounge

Lounge – Indoor Outdoor Living

Lounge around and relish in this ultra-thick, loopy texture.  Two- tone twisted yarns create this highly textural boucle’ offered in saturated color options.  100% performance polypropylene makes it easy-clean, suitable for indoors and out.


On the Dot

On The Dot arrives just in time to tell its recyclable and REVERSIBLE design story, featuring no added finishes and woven with 100% REPREVE recycled fibers.  Trendy color duos hit the spot.  For more information, go to www.repreve.com


This sentimental favorite welcomes into the fold chenille, boucle’, and twisted yarns intermittently throughout to create a special striae’ design.  (A fabric striae’ is defined by a streaked effect produced by using threads of various colors.)

Speckle – Stain Resistant

Dappled with flecks of color, Speckle is a woven texture showcasing a multi-colored, mottled, space-dye chenille.  This unique fabric is as soft to the touch as it is pleasing to the eye.


Squad assembles a unique gathering of stylized square motifs, each flaunting its own individuality.  This multi-colored, woven jacquard is rendered with textural chenille.

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