Culinary Exploits

When my daughter was accepted into a culinary arts conservatory, well-meaning friends asked where she inherited her culinary aptitude, as they were certain it did not come from me!  No offense taken as I completely concur. However, her time spent studying and honing her skills gave our family a new appreciation for the art of cooking (and food in general).  Soon she and I found ourselves spending time together trying new recipes, oftentimes resulting in us straying from conventional methods to create our own original concoctions.  This has become an outlet for artistic expression as well as an opportunity for mother-daughter bonding.  While not all of our experiments turn out exactly as we expect, it is the freedom we allow ourselves for trial and error that enables us to flourish in our confidence.  Playful, spontaneous, “aha” moments seem to bring out the best in our creativity… or at least in the end we can say that we had fun trying!

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