Creative Beginnings

People have often asked me from which side of the family I inherited my interest in the arts. As the daughter of a chemist and an engineer, one would automatically assume our household leaned heavily towards the math and sciences. Luckily for me, my restless, chemist-turned-stay-at-home mom eagerly tried all sorts of crafty activities that were trendy during the 70’s and 80’s.

Our house was filled with her projects…macramé, latch-hook rugs, sand art, colored pebbles and string glued onto wooden planks, paint-by-number-on-faux-black-velvet, stained glass windows, and floral arrangements. You name it; she tried it. We just followed along with whatever miniature version that was available. Far from calling herself an artist, she was still proud of the pieces she had crafted. It was charming to see how excited she was to try something new, practice, and succeed.

So I suppose my affinity for art and design was not so much because of my mother’s innate artistry, but from her example…because for her, it was all about the joy in the journey.

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