Colorful Destinations

The adventure of visiting new places and experiencing new cultures is such a thrill.  The history of a place is intriguing, not only due to the place itself, but in learning about the how and why and meeting its residents along the way.  On a recent trip to Italy, I found myself admiring the beautifully-aged, colorfully-painted walls of the homes that meander along the cobblestone streets. Each building had its own character and personality, boldly expressed through the vibrant colors painted on the exteriors.

It was soon explained to me that the bright colors were not solely for decorative purposes. As the area would typically be encompassed by a thick layer of fog, making it difficult to distinguish one building from the next, the vibrant colors served a functional purpose as an aid to sailors in identifying their homes upon their return from overseas. In an instant, the colors became so much more meaningful.  What an amazing inspiration for functionality and aesthetic beauty at its best!

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